Group Membership

“Every time two travel together and talk about the Teaching, they are visited by a presence from the other world” – Zohar 

Over the years, many people have come into contact with this Teaching. For some, it has become their life’s work. For others, though they have their roots in other ways and traditions, they have found these principles a potent, guiding light within their lives which has informed their work at a very deep level.
The Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder represent universal principles that provide valuable insights for understanding and growth when internalized through theory and practice.
Group meetings offer a sacred space within which we learn about the tradition and share ideas and experiences with companions. Time for meditation allows for devotional practice and space within which to raise consciousness through guided imagery journeys.
As we are restricted in our gatherings due to Covid-19, all meetings take place online via the Zoom platform. If you have previously been attending the Toledano Tradition group meetings, PLEASE REGISTER HERE for Group Membership allowing access to the Members’ Area and Zoom privacy links to our scheduled online meetings detailed below. If you are a newcomer to our School, please contact Joanna or Kurt for more information before you register. Access to Group Membership is subject to approval and non-binding. ( Note: If you choose to change your profile name after you register for Group Membership with the Toledano Tradition, please inform us. If you are not known to us, you will not gain access to our meetings.)

Further details about our meetings can be found in the Members’ Area once you have registered for membership. Please note that all clock times shown on this website operate in London, UK time.
Wednesday Group:  Weekly meetings over three terms during October – July.  Newcomers should first contact Joanna or Kurt by telephone or email.
Monthly Saturday Group:  Meetings take the format of two-morning sessions. Newcomers should first contact Joanna or Kurt by telephone or email.

Monday Meditations: Newcomers should first contact Joanna or Kurt by telephone or email.
UK: 020 7624 0434
UK: 07985 720242
Outside UK: +44 7985 720242


It has always been our policy not to charge for ongoing Kabbalah group meetings and we wish that to continue. However, if you would care to make a donation, it will go towards website set-up and maintenance, course development and equipment.

You are warmly welcome to contact us at
Or directly to Joanna at 

If you wish to make an online donation, please click on the following PayPal link.