Introduction to Kabbalah 2020

Four ONLINE Sessions
Saturday: October 10th, 17th, 24th
Saturday: November 14th

meaning ‘to receive’,
is about life, its source, meaning and purpose

These four sessions are designed for newcomers who would like to find out more about the tradition, or anyone who wishes to ‘brush up’ on the basic principles of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder. The focus will be on the Teaching with time for questions and discussion.

The themes will include:

  • The diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder: what they mean and how they relate to us.
  • How the universal principles work in the physical, psychological, spiritual and divine worlds.
  • The relevance of the principles of the Tree in everyday life.
  • We will use theory and practice to bring the teaching to life and to provide clarity and perspective.

With its deeper sources in ancient Judaism, the Toledano line of Kabbalah is derived from the city of Toledo in Spain where, in the Middle Ages, people from the Christian, Jewish and Islamic traditions met, shared ideas and translated texts. 

As a living body of knowledge, its ancient origins have been reformulated and made relevant for our modern times by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton) and the fusion of religion and philosophy has resulted in the modern working method that is studied and taught in our school.

The teaching is expressed in the extended form of the Tree of Life, known as Jacob’s Ladder, our working tool, which gives us an understanding of the principles of the four levels within existence.

Session 1 (10th October) 
Introduction to the tradition and the Four Worlds

The first session aims to give an overview of the tradition – its origins and flow of consciousness from the divine realm into creation, formation and physicality. The Tree of Life, as a model of the great laws of existence, can be observed within every living thing – especially within ourselves, each of us having been made in the image of the Holy One with our part to play in the great drama of existence.



Session 2 (17th October) 
The Tree of Life, the lightning flash, the sefirot and the triads

In this session, we shall look in more detail at the universal principles of the Tree – the two pillars of structure and dynamic, balanced by the central column of consciousness, the ten sefirot, the paths, triads and four levels in each Tree.




Session 3 (24th October) 
The body, and its relationship to the psyche

At birth, each one of us has been given a ‘coat of skin’ to house our souls (psyche) and as such, body and soul work together throughout our daily lives. We will examine their relationship in greater detail through the influences of choice, and karma.





Session 4 (14th November)
The resonance between the psyche and the spirit

The psyche is composed of our personal and collective consciousness, while the spirit is the realm of the transpersonal.
What is the relationship between the very personal and the transpersonal, and how do they work together in an individual?



Course Leaders: Kurt Browne and Joanna Lapage-Browne

Kurt and Joanna have studied and taught in the Toledano tradition school of the soul founded by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton) since the early 1970s.  They live and work in London, and have one son, two daughters and seven grandchildren.  Together, they have run Kabbalah groups for the past 30 years and conducted courses on the tradition in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Japan, the Caribbean and the USA.

Where and time:  The Zoom platform opens at 15:00 hrs. The meeting commences at 15:30 until 17:00 hrs. The timing allows for people in North and South America to take part. (NB All clock times shown on this website operate in London, UK time – please check The World Clock here: )

Cost: £60 payable in advance via PayPal.

Each session will be recorded, and access to the recordings made available for a period of 6 months from the start date of the course. Strict access is applicable to participants only. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

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